"Indisciplinary Symphony"
Project involving Ivana Momcilovic, Gregoire Rousseau, Anni Laakso, Dejana Sekulic and Jacques Ranciere, and more to be announced in the process...

December 2017   
Rabrab Journal issue#04 Launch
/ Geometry of paper tiger.
>info here<

November 2017   
Solo show in Kaskl gallery.
>info here<

November 2017   
Rabrab Group show in Istanbul art fair, Artistutopia.

October 2017
Group show in Hiekka Art Museum, Tampere, curated by Artagainstculture.

October 2017
Tohu Bohu in Research Pavilion,
Venice development with Praxis, academy of fine arts, and CummA, Aalto univeristy.

September 2017
Tohu Bohu in Research Pavilion,
Venice. Essay, score and audio performance.
>Essay here<

5th May 2017
Kuvan Kevat 17,
Master of Fine Arts exhibition.

April 2017
“Proposition for waiting for the future” Curator for student group show, originates from “Electricity, video and Sculpture” course collective, Academy of Fine Arts / Helsinki.

March 2017   
“Modern Times” book lauch by Jacques Ranciere. Rotation word panels and sound installation.
Organized by Ivana Momcilovic.

March 2017
Rethinking Digitalization
Group show at Exhibition Laboratory, Academy of Fine Arts / Helsinki.

February 2017   
Rabrab Talk with Michael Corris, presentation of “Leaving skull city”,
info here.

November 2016      
“Public Space” screening in MediaBox

November 2016
Rabrab #03 is coming up!!

8th June 2016
Intervention on equality
and aesthetics of knowledge
Public event with Jacques Ranciére located at HIAP space.
Ivana Momčilović / Rabrab/
Academy of Fine Arts.

24th May 2016
EMAP 2016 
/ “To your ears” in South Korea.

7th May 2016
Rab-Rab Talk#02
Ben Watson talked about Gustav Jaeger who is the latest in a series of "blasts from the past" staged to interrupt contemporary theory.
Maa gallery / Helsinki.

6th May 2016
Kuvan Kevät 2016
Graduation show of Academy of Fine Arts students.
X-Lab / Merimiehenkatu 36

April 2016

Opening in Titanik

March 2016

Opening in X-LAB

February 2016

In conversation with Rab-Rab, Momčilović will talk about her collective projects with Alain Badiou, Jacques Rancière and Natacha Michel, today's leading theoreticians and writers, with whom she has collaborated since the nineties.

December 2015

Invited teacher in Pole Numerique / Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris. ERASMUS support.

September 2015
Release of Rabrab journal #02 in two volumes.