Upcoming in 2021:

=> NOW May 2021
Exhibition “Machines like us” in Väre building, Aalto.

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- Residency in Insitute For Provocation in Beijing.

Past and done:

Teaching in Aalto, Digital Sculpture.

- Participation in Aanen Lumo festival.

- Digital Commoning Practices exhibition in Oksasenkatu11 gallery.

- “Time is out of joint” Exhibition in Palais des Beaux Arts in Paris.

Coming Commons
Nov 2020 / Manifesta13

Coming Commons is a proposal by the digital art and research platform Station of Commons (Gregoire Rousseau and Juan Gomez) to reflect and open up on current forms of digital commoning in an online conference. It happens on an invitation by ex situ – Cassandre Langlois & Simona Dvořáková – and the curatorial duo Gabrielle Boder & Tadeo Kohan.

Coming Commons brings forward discussions on the future of distribution and archives of printed matters with artist Anne-Laure Franchette, co-organizer of Volumes book fair. Juan Pablo García Sossa will present his research project Instituto Habanero on post-conflict situations in Colombia and his proposition of Magical Realism as a form of Speculative Design applied in Global South in conversation with theorist and curator Nora Sternfeld (Professor HFBK Hamburg).

Coming Commons is the second iteration of the project The Coming Community as part of Manifesta13 hosted at HFBK in Hamburg.

=> Full event webpage on Station of Commons <=

What if? Questions happen in the library
On the Digital in the Arts and society at large.

Exhibition in French Institute in Helsinki.
Nov 2020

What if the French Institute would be a space to intersect media-based culture and contemporary art practice? What if this space of traditional knowledge distribution would operate as a platform for radical digital practices? How to produce a space such that the social element present in the institute would engage with an artistic practice
always in the making?

Curatorial work with artits:
 Flora Bouteille, Free Frag Steeve Bauras , Felipe de Avila , Yassine KhaledNicolina StylianouJoakim Pusenius.


Symposium of the Kunsthochschule Kassel in collaboration with Station of Commons
17th and 18th of July 2020

The two-day symposium entitled “What System Actually” refers to the German term “System-relevant”, in reference to the essential workers “necessary” to keep “the system” running during the ongoing pandemic. Paradoxically, the pandemic has amplified the very exploitative conditions of neo-liberal capitalism, exposing the precariousness of many of the system’s “relevant” workers. Through this symposium we would like to interrogate “the system” through thoughtful conversations about the potential to move beyond notions of competition & exploitation.


Station of Commons

We are as pleased as excited to launch Station of Commons, our new online artist-run platform to broadcast, share and discuss Commoning practices within Open technology. 

Juan Gomez
Alain Ryckelynck.

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- Night of Science16.01.2020

Dialogue with  Ammar Mian on Artificial Intelligence at French Institute in Finland.

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Piksel19, Bergen, november 2019.

Workshop and artist talk on use of video software using Processing environment.

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Invited artist for “shadow worlds of documenta” program, part of DokFest festival, November 2019, Kassel. 

Audio performance based on manifesto “100 anti theses on Cyberfeminism” released by Hybrid Workshop during documentaX, 1997.

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>link to DokFest catalogue pages<


Teaching in UWAS, Aalto university.
Electric Energy in the Arts
October 2019
This Cross-disciplinary course pursue an investigation of the implications of electric energy in the arts, with an emphasis on sound and visuality.

/ Making Futures School
in Haus der Statistik/Berlin.
/September 2019

“Sounds of Haus der Statistik”
Sound installation / Workshop designer on audio devices implemented to propagate sound and map the electrical infrastructure of the building. > link to video here<

Making Futures Bauhaus+ is an action research project that addresses questions of architecture as a collective form and architecture as a resource. Departing from these two perspectives, it operates as an experimental research unit that advances future paths for architectural practice and education.

Cooperation between raumlabor and the Berlin University of the Arts on the occasion of the Bauhaus’ centenary.

/ Terra Incognita
/ at M{IF} and Kontula Electronic
/ May 2019

This time, Tohu-Bohu will experiment with energy from within the body to produce the necessary electricity in order to generate sound waves. A set of four reversed motors will act as the knobs, however these special knobs will require effort... What if the body relation to sound was not precision and speed but stamina and force?


/ Merz Sammonkatu, Tampere.
/ May,June 2019
Alfred Jarry in his text “How to construct a time machine” tell us that formula V<(<-t) marks the speed required for a time machine to travel, and the crucial need for gyroscope.
The exhibition space operates as a laboratory working on an experimental form of gyroscope.

/TaideBunkeri gallery
/ Imatra, Finland.
/May,June 2019
Figurative Sculpture group show.

Le mot electricité

Vendredi 22 mars 2019, à 18h
Atelier 1513 - Cité internationale des arts.

Grégoire Rousseau (France) is in residency at Cité internationale des arts via le programme de la Fondation Finlandaise de la Cité des arts.

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Monday 1st April

Lecture on Electric Energy in the arts in Paris Ecole des Beaux Arts, pole numerique.
Followed by Q&A.

First event of 2019
09 January,
Sound performance and polyphonic talk in “Late Lunch with Out To Lunch” program on Resonance FM London, thanks to Ben Watson and All Stars Association of Marxist Musicians. 
> Listen here <

Electric energy in the arts course
December 2018.

Teaching at Academy of Fine Arts,
course followod by exhibition and publication of related fanzine-edition of 50copies-.

Total body control part2
December 2018
Performance with Flora Bouteille,
in AVoid gallery, Prague.
curated by =>ex-situ platform<=.

Real time network video stream,
use of RaspberryPi and IR camera.

Geometry of electrification
September 2018
3rd Tbilisi Triennale

The space will be a research on electrification in the city, and how this objective industrialization process reflects on individuals and specifically on artistic practice.

October 2018
/ Electric energy in the arts.
Seminar course and exhibtion in Aalto University, UWAS.

Images from course exhibition:
“Surface of Electricity”
in gallery in Väre building.

July 2018

Open class in Komiza in Vis island/ Croatia. Solar energy for audio instruments, with Ivana Momcilovic.

May 2018

Rab-Rab Press 
at Booknique book fair.

Intervention in  Publics Library.
May 2018

Publication of ”Learning from electricity in the arts, knowledge happens together”, Academy of Fine arts.

May 2018
Audio electronics course
Oscillators and noise devices,
with Ivana Momcilovic, Tiina Salmi
and Jacques Rancière.

25 April 2018
Speaking at Tutke (TeaK)
/ Research days,
doctoral program,
Kiasma Theatre.


"Indisciplinary Symphony"
Very beginning of project involving Ivana Momcilovic, Gregoire Rousseau, Dejana Sekulic and Jacques Ranciere, and more to be announced in the process...

November 2017
Solo show in Kaskl gallery/Berlin.

“Geometry of a text”

>info here<

November 2017   
Rabrab Group show in Istanbul art fair, Artistutopia.

October 2017
Group show in Hiekka Art Museum, Tampere, curated by Artagainstculture.

October 2017

Tohu Bohu in Research Pavilion,
Venice development with Praxis, academy of fine arts, and CummA, Aalto univeristy.
>Program here<

September 2017
Tohu Bohu in Research Pavilion,
Venice. Essay, score and audio performance.
>Essay here<

5th May 2017
Kuvan Kevat 17,
Master of Fine Arts exhibition.

April 2017
“Proposition for waiting for the future” Curator for student group show, originates from “Electricity, video and Sculpture” course collective, Academy of Fine Arts / Helsinki.

March 2017   
“Modern Times” book lauch by Jacques Ranciere. Rotation word panels and sound installation.
Organized by Ivana Momcilovic.

March 2017
Rethinking Digitalization
Group show at Exhibition Laboratory, Academy of Fine Arts / Helsinki.

February 2017   
Rabrab Talk with Michael Corris, presentation of “Leaving skull city”,
info here.

November 2016      
“Public Space” screening in MediaBox

November 2016
Rabrab #03 is coming up!!

8th June 2016
Intervention on equality
and aesthetics of knowledge
Public event with Jacques Ranciére located at HIAP space.
Ivana Momčilović / Rabrab/
Academy of Fine Arts.

24th May 2016
EMAP 2016 
/ “To your ears” in South Korea.

7th May 2016
Rab-Rab Talk#02
Ben Watson talked about Gustav Jaeger who is the latest in a series of "blasts from the past" staged to interrupt contemporary theory.
Maa gallery / Helsinki.

6th May 2016
Kuvan Kevät 2016
Graduation show of Academy of Fine Arts students.
X-Lab / Merimiehenkatu 36

April 2016

Opening in Titanik

March 2016

Opening in X-LAB

February 2016

In conversation with Rab-Rab, Momčilović will talk about her collective projects with Alain Badiou, Jacques Rancière and Natacha Michel, today's leading theoreticians and writers, with whom she has collaborated since the nineties.

December 2015

Invited teacher in Pole Numerique / Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris. ERASMUS support.

September 2015
Release of Rabrab journal #02 in two volumes.