Gregoire Rousseau
b. 1976 in Albi, France
lives and works in Helsinki.
*Electrical engineer, 
*Master of Fine Arts.

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studio:   Nilsiänkatu 10A
                Helsinki / Finland


Moved from France to Finland in 2000, researching and working actively in the field of electronic design in contemporary art. Electricity as a form of energy produces motion, lights, audio. My artistic practice stands for material as language, concept finds form based on knowledge.

      Performances on stage operate as a sequence in time to experiment and research how materials and artistic content actually work all together once confronted to audience. There is no clear demarcation line between live act and installation thought for art gallery space, both contribute in a formal way of expression to develop my work. Study on contradictions generates a field of knowledge and a space for my art practice.        

    He has been teaching regularly technology in contemporary art practice in Finnish academy of Fine Arts in “Time and Space” and Sculpture departments, and as invited teacher in Aalto university, Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris, Oslo academy of Fine Art, and La Cambre academy in Bruxelles.

    His work ranges from audio performance to text based installation, always proceeding from a research on an artistic practice that stands for material as language, and concept taking form based on knowledge. His main latest works include exhibitions in Alkovi, Myymala2, Kiasma, “De la Charge” in Bruxelles 2015, Oksasenkatu11 Helsinki 2015, Titanik Turku 2016, Kunstpavillon Munich 2016, Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki 2017, Research Pavilion in Venice 2017, Kaskl gallery in Berlin 2017, Istanbul art fair 2017, 3rdTbilisi triennial in Georgia 2018, Cité internationale des arts in Paris 2019, Kontula electronic in 2019, Merz gallery in 2019.

In 2014, he s co-founded Rabrab Press with Sezgin Boynik, Journal for Political and Formal Inquiries in Arts. In 2018, he authored a book “Learning from electric energy in the arts, Knowledge happens togehter”.

Aside artistic and educator activities, Gregoire operates as project leader/designer for other artist projects. Among many, the list comprises Terike Haapoja-Venice Biennial Nordic Pavillon2013, CAC Shangai 2017, HEK Basel(Haus der Elektronik Kunst)-, Adel Abidin Venice Biennial2015, Finnish National Museum2018, and various galleries, Jani Rusica Kiasma2016, Sari Palosaari Uppsala hospital permanent installation2019...
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in France

- Bachelor in Science in electronics and automation In Toulouse university.

- First interest in chess.

- First design of electronic audio instruments.

  - Runs self organized space in Albi, bringing together local punk and rave scenes.

- Works in R&D sensor department in Siemens Toulouse.

Move to Finland 

- Co-found Tuulanauhat record label.

- Multiple C-tapes and 7” with ”Gym in the box” band, more self design audio electronic instruments, then follow list of concert in Finland and abroad among: Oranssi, Galleri21-Malmö, Myymala2, Tampere biennale 2004, Leppäkosken Rytmi Festival…

  - Start working with S8mm film, use of dual projector for  live video performance, real time loop and montage as Dubbing Mixers. Exhibition in Myymala2 in 2004 and AVANTO festival 2005…


  - Wins first price for innovation in use of V.T.I finnish produced acceleration sensor.

- Engineer in Computer Science, specialized in electronic hardware design.

 - Works for Vaisala in R&D, department for sensor industry.

  - Start experimenting with digital form in visual arts; design video card for 8 bits micro processor. 

- First solo exhibition ”Visual waves” in Alkovi.

 - Works with VHS tapes, analogue video mixers and self-designed video equipment. Research on ways to assemble video and audio on stage.AVANTO festival, SKIF Sergey   Kuryokhin festival 2006 Saint Petersbourg, Project 101 in Paris, Orion theatre, Dubronick, Andorra and Gloria in Helsinki.…

- Quit industry on purpose to start teaching in Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in field of technology with Shinji Kanki and Minna Langstrom, as  part of Gizmology lecture series....

  - Works with Anders Bergman on Solar-Sisu; first solely solar energy run audio instrument.
Tour in Europe: Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and performance and workshop in New York City festival City So
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Nicolas Schevin graphic

On TV set with Jani Puronen, invited on YLE NEO programm, Jussi Mankkinen, to present exhibition in Academy of Fine arts 2014.